Rock Creek Pools

Modern Additions
Most of the design trends you see today in contemporary swimming pools have developed over the last several years, steadily gaining momentum among our installers and our customers.

Much of what’s trending upward are purely aesthetic, but others are more functional in nature. But any one of these increasingly popular features can help make your backyard staycation-worthy and add value to your home and lifestyle.
Latham Rectangle Pools
For those with minimal space in their backyard area, Latham has developed a space-limited, pool design to accommodate smaller backyard areas. The Tuscan Series is the innovative way to add a pool to smaller areas. We are more than happy to announce that we are a Certified Latham Grand Dealer and are able to provide the newest pool designs that best compliment your lifestyle.
Tanning Ledges
Once only found at exotic resorts and high-end hotels, tanning ledges are quickly becoming popular among homeowners installing inground pools. Also called baja shelves and sun shelves, more and more homeowners are incorporating tanning ledges into their pools because these features are both practical and beautiful.