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All images created using StructureStudios by Mike Campbell (PJR+Solutions)
e make it happen in the virtual world before it happens in the real world. Why do we do this? Because a mouse click is significantly cheaper than a backhoe. Dont hesitate to ask about our virtual rendering...

       oes not matter what the project or dream you have floating around in your head, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing your dream, virtually, come to life right before your very eyes!

At Rock Creek Design, we can help you with your dream. Whether it be a patio, deck, flower garden, outdoor kitchen, sporting arena, or just a simple man cave decked out in all the flash and flare that you expect from an extension of not just your home... but of yourself as well!

All we need is an address and some measurements and $300.00 we can take the first step to building your dream. In the event you contract us to do the work, your payment will be deducted from the final bill after completion. 

So, lets get this started!