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Rock Creek Pools Cost and Pricing Guide​

​An experienced pool company will provide convenience and peace of mind
that knowing all aspects of the installation are being overseen and 
completed. This includes hiring contractors, procuring bids and 
maintaining the budget of the bid, as well as, scheduling and overseeing all 
phases of the build to completion. This knowledge and experience is invaluable
when unforeseen issues may arise.

Cost of lifetime ownership 

The financial advantage to owning a fiberglass pool over other types of pools
can be in the thousands even into the tens of thousands.
Fiberglass Pool maintenance require less chemicals, shorter pump and filter cycles, and less cleaning costs.
Fiberglass pools will have lower maintenance costs, less energy usage, lower repair costs, and lower cost of chemicals.

Fiberglass Pool Packages mostly consist of the following:

*The pool shell
*Delivery of the pool shell
*Pump and Filter System
*Gravel back-fill
*Water for the initial fill-up
*Maintenance and cleaning equipment
*Building Permit(s)
*Concrete finish around the pool

Average costs for the above generally are $45,000 - $85,000